Ocean & Earth Simple Jack Hybrid Tail Pad


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    Ocean Earth Simple Jack Hybrid Surfboard Tail Pad Black White

    The Ocean Earth Simple Jack Hybrid is is one of the best priced quality 3 piece surfboard tail pads on the market. Specifically designed for wider tail shapes to suit you favourite hybrid / fish / funboard.

    Length 305mm.
    Width 315mm
    Tail Width (at mid point) approx 195mm
    Pieces 3.
    Arch 7mm.
    Kick 25mm.
    Groove Diamond.
    * Power Kick: 25mm. High density EVA foam wedge inserted into the tail kick resulting in added control and drive.
    * Adhesive: 4A high grade adhesive formula, developed for EVA offers maximum, long lasting adhesion..
    * CC55 EVA: O and E’s unique CC55 is a closed cell EVA formula which has been developed to be UV stabilised, water resistant, super grippy, extremely thin and light weight. The addition of purposely positioned perforation and slots also reduces weight and adds extra grip for toes to grip onto resulting in more drive, grip and precision.
    * Kick Flex: If a board has a rolled deck, the Kick Flex insert on the tail kick helps the grip mould to the same shape as the board.


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