Infinity SUP Foil Wing – available on 7-10 day order



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    The all-new Infinity SUP Foil Wing really is an exceptional product! We are so very proud to announce how hard our R&D team has worked to make the best wing sail on the market, and it really was hard work but we are super pleased with the result!

    We have gained new knowledge and many new skills in different areas and are now ready to launch this fantastic new toy

    The Infinity SUP Foil Wing can be used in different conditions offering easy power in any discipline, Sup, Foilboard, Skateboard, Ski, and Snowboard.


    We have focused our attention to give the user an easy approach to the flight. The large leading edge creates stability and reduces flexibility. The straight post provides direct control of the angle of attack since the flex is minimal offering a solid and controlled feel.

    We have developed the sail so that it generates considerable starting power and avoids becoming unstable as the wind increases!

    There are a series of handles placed on the leading edge and strut that are able to cover many options, offering the user maximum control and comfort while driving. A single large De-Power handle on the front of the leading edge completely disarms the wing for total control when going downwind and while sailing.

    The wing was developed on the Infinity SUP foil Tombstone boards but the simple nature of the wing makes it suitable for driving any board that has sufficient volume to support the weight on the water. In strong wind conditions and with developed user skills it is possible to ride even with lower volume boards.


    Sizes (m2)                     3.0mt    4.2mt    5.0mt    6.0mt

    Wind range (Knots)     20/35    15/30     12/25      8/20

    MAX PSI pressure         7PSI       7PSI       6PSI       6PSI

    Enjoy the wing by Infinity!

    Available sizes

    3.0mtr, 4.2 mtr, 5.0mtr, 6.0mtr


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