Infinity SUP Blackfish Dugout race board



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    Blackfish dugout race sup by Infinity Sup.

    We are very excited for the much-anticipated launch of the all new Infinity SUP Blackfish Dugout race board.

    As you all know “dugout” is all the rage and this design compliments the Blackfish beautifully.

    This version has basically all the same attributes as a flat deck blackfish but with the additional dugout cockpit upgrade.

    This board has high side rails and proves to be more stable in certain situations.

    Available in three different colours:  Blue – Grey – Purple

    Specs :

    Length/width/volume -14’0 x 21.5″ LT 265     –     14’0 x 23″ LT 285    –  14’0 x 24.5″ LT 305      –     14’0 x 27″  LT 330

    Available colours

    Purple, Blue

    Available sizes

    14’0 x 21.5″ LT 265, 14’0 x 23″ LT 285, 14’0 x 24.5″ LT 305, 14’0 x 27″  LT 330


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