2022 Infinity E-Ticket performance touring AVAILABLE NOW



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    2022 E-Ticket performance touring sup board by Infinity Sup.

    The Infinity E-Ticket performance touring is a board to take you anywhere, anytime. This is your ticket to a fun paddling experience. This board is based off of the original Blackfish design with a nice wide tail that keeps the outline in the back very parallel for stability and easy glide.

    The wide point forward outline in the nose keeps the width underneath and slightly in front of the stance for predictable – easy cruising stability and comfort. The bottom contour is a hybrid-planning hull with the original Blackfish concave in the tail.

    This has been adopted by many of the top brands over the last few years, Blackfish was the first! In addition to its world class DNA, we chose to build this board in our Wide Aquatic Innegra tech construction to be able to offer it at a great price and come in as a “lights out” value for this category.


    11’6″ x 28″ x 230L = 26lbs

    12’6″ x 29″ x 280L = 29lbs

    14′ x 28″ x 298L = 30lbs

    14′ x 30″ x 318L = 32lbs


    Available colours

    Blue, Orange

    Available sizes

    11'6 x 28 230LTR, 12'6 x 29 280LTR, 14'0 x 28 298LTR, 14'0 x 30 318LTR


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