Black Project Ray – 100% carbon SUP Race Fin


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    The Black Project Ray Race Fin fin offers exceptional tracking, stability and speed, helping you to stay upright and on course at record beating pace. This is especially helpful during longer distance paddling when fatigue creeps in – remember, you are not fast if you are falling of

    Thanks to proprietary foiling and a low drag profile paddlers will gain speed with increased glide between paddle stokes. When the water gets rough the Ray will really come into its own, the extra depth and increased area will help you stay upright and tracking straight. This SUP fin is highly recommended for rough water, lakes and inter-coastal areas.

    The 35° rake and plan shape helps speed up buoy turns while keeping you balanced and in control.

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    The Ray shares much of its DNA with the smaller TIGER and is an ideal change-up fin for windy days. If you have recently moved to a narrower SUP board then the Ray can offer that extra stability you will need with the loss of board width.

    The Ray is best suited for intermediate stand up paddlers with a low to medium cadence. Built in our Ultralight Pro Carbon featuring our new LiteCore technology our fins are the lightest sup race fins available while being exceptionally durable.

    The features of the Ray stand up race fin ensure that you are going to paddle faster, straighter and stay upright with less effort than ever before.



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