Black Project Maliko Race Fin


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    The Black Project MALIKO Race Fin v3 – 100% Carbon SUP Race Fin

    Your best choice is the Maliko fin for increased manoeuvrability, better tracking & stability, ideal for ocean & downwind racing

    The Black Project MALIKO stand up paddleboard race fin offers increased stability, enhanced manoeuvrability and higher average speed. It is ideally suited to ocean or downwind paddling. The new Maliko race fin is designed for intermediate to advanced paddlers. If you want to have the stability and ease of use that has become familiar with the previous version yet with added board agility much like the smaller Sonic race fin.

    Highly recommended for use in rougher water, down winding and ocean races.

    The curved and progressive 45° rake will easily shed weed, kelp and trash. Will also help with better board handling and control. Best suited for paddlers with a low to medium cadence. The Maliko fin is built in our new and improved Ultra light Carbon lay up featuring carbon infused Lite Core technology.

    When you are paddling on rough water affected by wind and current, the Maliko SUP race fin from Black Project help you to track straighter and reduce the need for excessive paddle changes. This enables you to power through the chop more effectively.

    If you’re faced with a side or head on wind the Maliko will give you more resistance and help you stay on course. It will help you to focus on your paddling. When the race conditions become ugly the Maliko will help you perform at your best.

    Collectively, the features of the Maliko Fin will ensure that you are going to paddle faster, with less effort and for longer than ever before.


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